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Four reasons you need to drink lots of water at work

Four reasons you need to drink lots of water at work

Employees take regular tea rounds in offices. However, they don’t find enough time to drink water. Water is very important for your health, and you should drink lots of water when you are in office. Here are the reasons why.

It gives energy to your muscles


Drinking water is important for maintaining healthy muscles. If there are cells that cannot maintain their fluid balance, then these cells become fatigued. If you have to do lots of physical work at the office, it is very important that you keep your fluid levels up.

Improves focus at work


Drinking water can improve your concentration at work. It increases your productivity. All our organs depend on the water in our body to function properly. The proper functioning of our brain depends on its access to sufficient water. So, due to dehydration, you might find it hard to focus.

Improves skin


Water is very important for healthy skin. During office presentations, we all want to look our best. But the deficiency of water may cause your skin to be in bad condition, and it may lower your level of confidence. You should always keep your skin moisturized by drinking lots of water all day.

Good for kidney


Drinking lots of water reduces the chance of having kidney infections or stones. Kidney helps to cleanse our body and get rid of the toxins in the body. For this, you need a constant supply of water to your body.

Drinking water boosts energy. You will get the motivation to work hard the whole day. So, you should drink lots of water while you are at work to increase your productivity and keep yourself healthy.


5 tips for taking care of your water cooler

5 tips for taking care of your water cooler

Having water coolers at the office is a great thing to keep your employees hydrated throughout the day. But it must be well maintained so that it’s in good condition all the time. Here are some tips to take care of your water cooler.

  1. Make sure the water cooler is plugged in all the time. Sometimes, the office cleaner may remove the plug for using a vacuum cleaner and then he or she may forget to put the plug back on. So, your water cooler won’t work unless it is plugged in.
  2. If the water cooler drip trays are not emptied at regular intervals, it may lead to overflow. So, water may spill on the floor. Many people may think that the cooler is leaking, but it’s actually because of the overflow. You should regularly take out the drip tray, empty it and clean it.
  3. The water bottles must be stored in proper room or space. The bottles should be kept in a cold and dark place. If the bottles are left under direct sunlight, contamination may occur. It is better to place them on any counter-top to avoid any contamination that can result from the floor surface.
  4. You shouldn’t refill bottles from water coolers. Refilling water bottles increase the chance of bacteria or viruses to get into the water cooler tap from the bottle. It can cause health problems later.
  5. Though professionals will come at regular intervals to sanitize your water cooler unit, you should take the initiative to clean them regularly as well. It will reduce the chance of cross-contamination of the water cooler.

You should take good care of your water cooler to function it properly. A well-maintained water cooler can last for many years and provide you and others in the building with clean water.

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Top 4 reasons to get bottled water coolers for your office

Top 4 reasons to get bottled water coolers for your office

At the office, you are always stressed out due to the hard work you do throughout the day. Many offices invest in water coolers for their employees and staffs so that they can get an unlimited supply of water throughout the day. Here are the top reasons to have bottled water coolers for your office.


Tap water contains chlorine and other harmful chemicals that affect the quality and taste of water. The bottled water is naturally sourced from the purest form of spring water. So, the water is free from any chemicals and impurities.These water coolers are serviced and sanitized by professionals every quarter. This eliminates the growth of any bacteria in the water.

Environment friendly


Millions of plastic bottles can add to landfills every year. By having water cooler system in the office, the employees won’t need to carry water bottles themselves. So, they are environment friendly.

Saves space

You can get water coolers in a sleek design to fit your office décor. So, you no longer will have any robust setup. So, they save your storage space.

Healthy for employees


Employees can get up from their desks and take mini breaks when drinking water from the water coolers. This will help them to relax a bit and start work again with full energy.

Having bottled water coolers at office offers several benefits. It provides a clean, unlimited supply of water to the employees which keep them refreshed all day. If you don’t have a water cooler in your office yet, get one today!

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