Office Water Cooler Revisited

[mineral water]

Viton seals are popular due to their excellent compression properties and resistance to most oils and petroleum-based fuels and lubricants. Water block seals made of Viton are also resistant to oxidation, ozone, UV exposure, fungus, and mold. This material has an effective operating range between 5F and 400F, making it an excellent choice for applications such as GPU water cooling. The Phanteks Glacier G1080Ti series water blocks are compatible with any aftermarket open-loop water cooling system using standard G1/4 type fittings. Performance wise, we know from experience that Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs respond favorably to the lower operating temperatures provided by GPU water cooling. Although the press release stated that the Phanteks Glacier G1080Ti Asus Strix block is fully compatible with the backing plate on the Asus GTX 1080 Ti video card, there was no mention of the backing plate on the Gigabyte GTX 1080Ti Gaming OC. We would assume that the backing plate on both video cards can be used in conjunction with the Glacier G1080Ti series water blocks, but we could be wrong. We reached out to Phanteks for clarification. On the cosmetic front, the Phanteks integrated RGB lighting is compatible with all Phanteks RGB-equipped cases and motherboards with built-in RGB lighting functions. The accent plate mated to the acrylic top of both coolers is available in mirrored chrome or anodized satin black. The Phanteks Glacier G1080Ti series water blocks have a two-year warranty and retail for $160 each.

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